June 23, 2009

Two Months Later...Again. WTF

Two months of goofing off, not posting updates, and here I am, at home taking a personal day because I manaaged to tweak my back real good.
Funny enough, I decided to play a "play money" tourney on Full Tilt and I'm at the final table. Go figure.
Hell, I'll even post a picture of it if I can remember how to do that.
Anyways, it has been a long time since I have been out here to post about anything.
Apathy more than anything.
Today, I'm sitting here, playing a little poker, and decided it was time to do some updating.
One thing I am doing is playing in the Full Tilt Poker Fantasy WSOP challenge. I'm doing rather well with that. I'm inside the top 2000 overall, and I have qualfied for three freerolls within the last week.
As a matter of fact, let me go and check on my rankings right now...wow, better than I thought. I have been ranked as high as 721st place. Right now I'm inside the top 1000 at 942nd. Fantasy earnings at $3,600,000 or so.
If only I had started playing this sooner...who knows.
Final table update - I'm down to the final four at my table.
I'm still only playing poker at Full Tilt. I have noticed that they have finally brought down their minimum deposit amount from $50 to $30, but that is still miles away from Poker Star's $10 bucks.
Final table finish: 2nd place. I had actually been down 10 to 1 in chips, fought back to take the lead, and then couldn't finish the deal. I had QJ against KQ and that busted me. Oh well. It was fun.
On the beer side of things - and this is also a beerblog - I am stuck on 599 sampled beers. I have not found a beer 'worthy' of me using it for beer #600. If I find it, I will let you know.
Okay, I'm going to get a shower and 'start my afternoon' now that poker is over. I will take a moment to checkup on a few old haunts (AlCantHang, Pauly & Mookie) and I will post again real soon.
Thanks for checking in. I promise to be here sooner than later.