January 5, 2011

Happy New Year...I Guess


As always, with the new year coming in on a weekend, I fall behind on "things".  This blog, being one.

Well, I got a bit of a new year's "FU" from Google Adsense.  For some reason they've disabled Adsense on my account.   Strange, considering I hadn't made enough revenue for them to even consider sending off a check.

Therefore, I have moved Amazon to my 'featured' advertisement slot.  If Adsense somehow magically re-activates, then I might consider giving them their slot back.

Now then, I have not have a chance to do any new beer reviews, so put that on the I owe you one list.

I also have not played a hand of poker in 2011, but that will soon change.

So, check back later on today and I will have something of interest to post here.

Thanks for reading, see you very soon!