August 16, 2010

Farting around Full Tilt - A Weekend Recap


Yes, it has been a little too long since I have gotten out here and posted anything.

Totally my fault.  I have been doing some poker things, some beer things, but nothing that has driven me to get out here and do a post.

This past weekend I had a small amount of green to my Full Tilt account and decided to give it a go in the Daily Dollar evening games to see where I would finish up. 

Long story made short:  I did well, but as usual, you are normally eliminated when one of two things happens:  (1) you play stupid, or (2) you make a hand, only to have someone make a better hand. 

#2 happened to me this weekend twice.  Friday night I was probably 30 minutes of play away from making the money (top 1080 get paid out of 10,000+) when I pushed all with AK suited and a board showing K-4-Ten.  Queue the call from across the table, and the guy flips over pocket Tens.  Oops.

It happened a second time yesterday, when my trip Queens were smoked by trip Kings on a flop of K-Q-3.

#2 is usually more acceptable when it comes to losing.  You played the hand well; there's really no way to sniff out those middle pairs unless you push pre-flop.  In the dollar tourney, you are playing with at least 50% of your table mates being classified as donkeys or fish.  Cheap tourneys bring out the idiot players (yours included, sometimes).  That's poker.

Losing via method #1 is one that I reserve for any free rolls I decide to play in.  Free play = 99% donkeys at the table.  It happens.  So, first hand all in plays are usually A-rag vs. K-J off suit or something silly like that.

I think I have done one tirade in the past about free rolls and the time you invest in them; I'll check my archives to see what I said then (so I won't repeat myself) and then expand on that if I need to.

Okay, that is all for Monday.  I just wanted to get something out here to break up the drought.

Oh yeah, Mondays suck.  Just sayin'.

Later dudes...