April 27, 2009

Quick Monday Night Post


Quick post before I get to bed.

I just wanted to drop a line to 'fulfill' my duty to add a Monday night post.

I would have been here sooner, but I was out of town and did not get home til 9pm. 

Add to that 'unwind time' and I just now realized I was supposed to post something here.

More poker crap tomorrow, plus some beer updates.

I picked up six new beers to try and review on ratebeer.com, so I'll post those here tomorrow as I work on my poker game and work to put this blog back in the top 25000 of poker blogs that don't suck.

Thanks, see you tomorrow.

April 22, 2009

Two Months Later...Yeah, that's about right

Two months later, and yeah, that's about right. I made a deposit at Full Tilt Poker last Friday night, and somehow, I am a positive $2 with the cashier.
I displayed some of the old poker skill Friday night when I finished 23rd in a $3+.30 KO No Limit Tourney and collected $6. It brought back some thoughts on a previous adventure.
As with as tourney that you are playing in, once you get to the money, it doesn't matter what you did before in the tourney. I was forced to make a decision during the tourney while just hanging off the edge of the cash bubble. Low on chips, I was dealt AQ off suit in early position. Do I go all in, or do I limp to see a flop? I answered my question with a question:
Do you want to win? My answer was yes, so I went all in, and hit an Ace on a flop that 4 others saw and my small stack was now well in the money with just a few eliminations to go.
Now then...
My intentions for this blog is to 'BRING IT BACK TO LIFE'. I have all the time in the world to do a lot of things, but I do enjoy poker, and I was having lots of fun when I was blogging and reading other blogs and playing a little poker.
Granted, I am a little wiser with the cash and I know a bit more than I did then - but so does everyone else.
Next post won't appear here until Monday night - I am headed out of town for a three day weekend, and Monday night is the 1st shot I will have to post a blog.
Thanks for reading - I wil get back to my old self - and don't forget about the beer!