September 23, 2010

Life Deals a Cold, Cold Hand


It's been a bit over one month since I have been out here to post anything at all.  Who's fault?  It's mine, of course.  You cannot place blame for something that you alone are responsible for.

As for the title, well, it is true.  Any poker player with half a skill set knows that there are times that your dealt hands get cold.  Well, such is the same for me in life in general.

I had made the decision sometime during August that I was going to move 'north' to North Carolina.  I had planned on moving out of my place in downtown Jacksonville and staying for awhile with my Mom and my brother before heading out of town.  Well...turns out that (a) when you plan on moving, you really should rent a truck.  I used my own pick-up truck, and several days of hell ensued.  The last load included comedy gold:  I managed to let one of my couch cushions blow out of the back of the truck and 'probably' fell into the St. John's River while crossing I-95.  Oops.

(b) after moving, make sure that you have everything in its right place.  I still have boxes to eliminate from their dropped positions around the house.

Finally, (c) don't forget to let your boss know that you are moving.  Mine decided to can me before I got the chance to quit.  Damn it.

So, this has taken quite a bit away from my poker/beer time.  In fact, I have resorted to drinking Busch Light to deal with my issues.  Poker has to wait.  

So, I intend to give a better update once I have my life in the correct order.  For now, its Mom's cooking and my brother's farting until I get 'north'.