May 4, 2011

My Response to the Black Friday mess in the U.S.


Well, it's been about two + weeks since the whole DOJ thing came down and effectively shut everyone in the USA out of playing online poker.  I was at work on a Friday, looking for something to read, and when I pulled up the Drudge report...BAM!  My heart sank.

It's not that I was using online poker to make a living (though had I applied myself, I probably could have in a pinch).  I was a casual player who loved to grind it out thru $1 tournaments in hopes to get to the final table and make a payday usually in the range of $50-100.  Usually any money I had won would remain online since I really never won enough to consider getting a cashout.

But now, the online community in the US is forced to use new poker companies that haven't (yet) had their US access shut off.  I've looked at sites like Cake Poker, Carbon Poker, Doyle's Room, Bodog, etc.  I haven't yet downloaded any of their applications because I just haven't had the urge to give poker a shot.

Today, that might change.  I think its time to see 'where the fishes' are, if at all.  It is, after all, my day off.

Also, apologies for not getting beer updates out here.  No excuses for that.  I'll get right on that today as well.

We had a nice heavy rain last night, so I'll use that as my queue to wash away the old dirt and pollen and to move forward with this mildly amusing blog.

Black Friday won't kill US poker, it will just change it.  Poker will be back in the US, whether its on Full Tilt or it migrates to one of the other previously mentioned clients.  Just stay positive and let the chips fall where they may.

Mores updates to come, thanks for reading.

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