April 22, 2009

Two Months Later...Yeah, that's about right

Two months later, and yeah, that's about right. I made a deposit at Full Tilt Poker last Friday night, and somehow, I am a positive $2 with the cashier.
I displayed some of the old poker skill Friday night when I finished 23rd in a $3+.30 KO No Limit Tourney and collected $6. It brought back some thoughts on a previous adventure.
As with as tourney that you are playing in, once you get to the money, it doesn't matter what you did before in the tourney. I was forced to make a decision during the tourney while just hanging off the edge of the cash bubble. Low on chips, I was dealt AQ off suit in early position. Do I go all in, or do I limp to see a flop? I answered my question with a question:
Do you want to win? My answer was yes, so I went all in, and hit an Ace on a flop that 4 others saw and my small stack was now well in the money with just a few eliminations to go.
Now then...
My intentions for this blog is to 'BRING IT BACK TO LIFE'. I have all the time in the world to do a lot of things, but I do enjoy poker, and I was having lots of fun when I was blogging and reading other blogs and playing a little poker.
Granted, I am a little wiser with the cash and I know a bit more than I did then - but so does everyone else.
Next post won't appear here until Monday night - I am headed out of town for a three day weekend, and Monday night is the 1st shot I will have to post a blog.
Thanks for reading - I wil get back to my old self - and don't forget about the beer!

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