July 23, 2010

Freerolls are exactly that they say they are


Four in a row.  Let's keep the ball rolling.

Last night I went out to Full Tilt to see what was happening with the poker room.  I had not been out there to mess around for at least the last two weeks due to a mess of things going on with my 'personal life' (or lack thereof, depending on which of my friends you talk to)(you know who you are).

Full Tilt is in full pimp mode for their upcoming 'Little Big Tournament", which is where you pay $2 for a shot at $100K.  There were a number of super turbos available to play with small chip stacks of 300 to start.  I played three of them, and although I did well I guess when you are only risking 5 FTP points to enter the tourney, you're not going to win the entry unless you are very, very patient.

I have a lot of patience when playing with my own dinero, but when playing with points or playing in free rolls, I usually tend to be a bit of a donkey more often due to boredom.  Case in point was the nightly $250 USA free roll.

I had managed to get one of the 7500 seats after the tourney was full - somehow I managed to time the click on FTP's web site right when someone left the tourney.  Five minutes into the tourney, I had lost 1/3 of my stack when my pocket Jacks ran into pocket Kings.  Not three hands later, I was all in with Ace-King suited against a pair of 3's, and the 3's held up.  That's poker.

All in all, it was nice to wet my feet a little and wade in with the fish and donkeys.  I'll be out there again tonight.

I'm looking to pick up some new brews tonight so I can do a little blogging about what beer has made its way to the Northeast Florida area.  This area is usually among the last in the USA to get a certain type of beer.  In my opinion, it is probably somewhat related to the fact that we have a huge Budweiser brewery on the north side of town, so they may have their hooks in the distributors when it comes to bringing in new beers.

Okay, enough typing for now.  I'll be back tomorrow with more poker and beer to talk about.  Be safe and I'll catch you tomorrow sometime.

Thanks for reading.

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