July 22, 2010

Updating the other half of this site

Howdy again.

Three days in a row.  Wow.  I am trying to be a man of my word.

Now then, as the title suggests, there is something else I should be blogging about here, and that is your favorite and mine:  beer.

I have been rather sporadic on doing my beer ratings, but I aim to change that.  I have rated 625 beers (so far).  Click this link to check out what I have sampled:

See Don's beer ratings at Rate Beer

I was ready to do a full review on a beer that only recently has turned up in Florida:  Fort Collins Brewery - Rocky Mountain IPA

...that is until I went to my RateBeer account and found out that I had already rated this beer two years ago.  Apparently on one of my many trips up to North Carolina, I had acquired a single and brought it home to drink and rate.  Oops.

Okay, so making no excuses here, I will have a slew of ratings to post this weekend.  I aim to have beer reviews on each and every Sunday, but I might slip in some beer news or reviews during the week if the beer is that great/awful.

Awful beers need reviewing too - you need to be warned!

Okay, that's my little beer update for today, I will be back with more poker stuff tomorrow as I hit the tables with the usual gang of super-donkeys that play on Full Tilt.

Special thanks to Waffles for his $.02 on my last post about 'minor league' poker sites. It was greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!

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