July 29, 2010

Seven days of summer flu makes one weak


Yes, one week later, and I am finally well.

Unfortunately for me, I caught a flu bug on Thursday night, and it dragged me down for all of the weekend and the better part of this week.  I am finally feeling well enough to get back to the blogging.

Because I spent the better part of the weekend in bed and under the covers, I did not do any poker playing or beer drinking.  I was completely miserable.  At one point during the weekend, I would have easily traded my worst hangover for this bug.  It made me ache all over, stretching and tightening muscles that I have not worked out in a gym in quite some time.

Now then, where does that leave me?  It leaves me with some catching up to do.  August 1st is a coming, and I would like to try to do my "poker for an entire month" type of challenge.  I have an idea of what I want to do, I just have to push myself to do it.

One side note - I am moving out of my neighborhood at the end of August after a nine year stay.  It is time to move.  I have been stagnant, and I need some fresh faces and some fresh air.  That shouldn't interfere too much with my poker/beer stuff until near the end of next month.

That's your quick update for today - a better update tomorrow now that I am back and feeling much better.  Thanks for reading.

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