December 18, 2011

An Actual Poker Post


Two posts in a little over 12 hours after taking 6+ months off.  How about that?

I decided to take a tour of a website that 'claims' to be available to the USA: Carbon Poker.

Your first clue that there might be something amiss is that the website doesn't end in ".com".  Well, when I type it in with the ".com", it routes to the ".ag" site.

For the uninformed: .ag is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Antigua and Barbuda.

So there you go.
Additional note:  according to this site, there are only 6 poker sites that are taking US players for real money.

Now then, where was I?  Okay, Carbon Poker's site.  I test drove the site this morning, playing a couple of play money tourneys to see (1) how the site felt and (2) to see how much game I have after taking virtually 8 months off from poker.

Answering #1, the site was great.  I could change the layout and colors of the table to my liking, to include changing the cards, the carpet, the table, the whole thing.

Answering #2, apparently I still got it.  I played a 10-person tourney and finished 2nd, and I played a 60-person tourney and finish 4th.

Overall, I would rate Carbon Poker 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.  

As for playing on that site for real money, I am decidedly on the fence until the US Government decides how and when their citizens can play cash games legally.  It sucks to say that, but when you have the fiasco that went down with Full Tilt Poker's site and their subsequent handling of player funds, it is a necessary evil.

That's all for now, a beer post coming later today.

Thanks for reading.

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