December 18, 2011

Happy Holidays - Wait, I'm Actually Posting a Blog?

Seasons Greetings.

Yeah, I haven't been here for quite awhile.  So, why come back?
Well, I did happen to pick up a CHRISTMAS SIX PACK at the Local Total Wine and More.

 So, I decided that I would review each of those beers and then post them here as I do it.  Try to get back into the swing of things I guess.

I have a plan to review at least two of them each day then do some other catch up posts to get this blog back to the low, low standards that I had set.

Sound good?  Okay, great, I'm going to be back tomorrow (SUNDAY), though technically it's already Sunday morning (12am) here, so let's just say later on today.
Good?  Good.

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