December 5, 2010

Free Roll Sunday is here


It's finally Sunday, and I am here ready to play a little poker.  I got 30 minutes to wait around before the $1k free roll begins, and it appears that we have a hearty field for this event: 

17,000+ entrants.  One thing to keep in mind though:  there will probably be about 10,000 players and 7,000 knuckleheads who never log in for the tourney.

So, I'm here.  I'll update you all at each break on how play is going.

Suggested reading: The first (and only) poker book I've ever purchased (perhaps this is why I am just an average player (in my opinion))

Click on an ad banner if you would, it'll pay me 5 cents sometime in the future (if I ever get there).

See you at the first break. 

UPDATE #1 -  first full break is due in 10 minutes.  I've already gone from my starting stack of 2,000 chips to a bit over 9,000.  I'm playing one hand just after getting over 10,000 in chips and someone trapped me with a hand, knocking my chip stack down to 5600.  My pocket 9s were junk after a flop of Ace-King-Rag.

UPDATE #2 - Just doubled up to 10K after an aggressive player called my all-in with Ace-10.  I showed Ace-King, and a King on the turn gets me back on top.  Fast and furious play.  Total number of entrants (officially): 18,637.  Remaining players:  10,894.  Don't forget to click on a banner to add a nickel to my future poker funds.  Nickels do add up eventually.

FINAL UPDATE: Finished 923rd, only top 90 get cash.  Will explain in detail tomorrow what happened to get me to that point.

Thanks for reading today!

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