December 3, 2010

Friday Night Poker, maybe.


I have not acquired the previously posted 'beer of the day/week', so I need to get on that.

Tonight is Friday night, I hope to have a little free time to do a little poker dabbling, but I do have one commitment on the table.  So, let me clear the table and then I can get back to what is important on Friday nights: enjoying a little taste of the coming weekend and playing with drunken donkeys at .01/.02 tables.  (That's 1 penny/2 penny tables for you that are FTP stupid).

Also, I have been trying to find that best layout for this site.  I have some ad banners (please click, nothing to buy unless you like something from Amazon) that I am trying to reorganize on this screen.  Once I have found that right setup, then I will leave it alone.

I will make a musical suggestion, so if you have an ear to bend, take a moment and check out this musical artist:

Back to donkey-like typing later on this evening.

Happy Friday!


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