December 23, 2010

Happy Holidaze


It's been about a week since I posted anything here (sorry), but I've been out of town.  The family keeps me busy with "crap", so this blog lags from it. 

My bad.

Now then, on to some good news!  Full Tilt Poker is currently offering a $100 bonus "free" if you can earn 1,000 FTP points by January 9th.  The question you need to ask yourself here is "can I earn $100 without spending that much?"  You can if you are playing in the right areas.  My suggestion:  play cheap Rush Poker on FTP.

Rush Poker is something fairly 'new' at FTP, and with its design you can see a bunch of hands without having to wait for the hand to finish before heading over to the next one.  Your days of waiting around for the hand to end are over.

Oh yeah, if you need a bathroom break, you can stand up from your seat to break up the constant rush of cards.

That's the poker update for today, now on to the beer one.

I am heading to the local beer store to see if I can procure any new holiday beers.  I will post an update later today if that trip is successful.  

Two days til Christmas, hope your shopping is going well.  Don't forget to click a banner before you leave, my nickels are getting close to being equal to a dollar.  

Thank you for reading (and clicking), I'll see you later on today!