December 18, 2010

The Next Christmas Beer for Review has been Determined!


Sorry for the delays in recent posting; the Christmas season has interfered with my normal daily routine of posting SOMETHING for the masses to read about.

So, without further delay, I shall introduce to you the second Christmas/holiday beer I shall be doing a review of:

Sweetwater Brewing Company, Atlanta, Georgia
Festive Ale

A beer with some great reviews, so that was enough for me to go and get it (if it is still available).

I hope to acquire this masterpiece this afternoon, and if you are lucky, a review will immediately follow.

Don't forget to click a banner ad or two, the nickels are getting close enough to a buck that a check might be in the mail by the end of JANUARY.  I wish I was making that up.

I am posting a link to a suggested Christmas gift if you know of someone who really loves beer.

Thanks for reading, look for an update this afternoon!

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