December 4, 2010

Snow in December...WTF?


Well, this wasn't supposed to happen today.  I was treated to a very nice light dusting of SNOW this afternoon.  The snowfall lasted for about 1 hour, but during that time I got absolutely ZERO done around the house.  Work grinded to a total halt so I could watch the snow flakes drift to the earth.

Right now, the snow has stopped.  The local radar shows that there might be more on the way, but that is a few hours away. 

Anyways, let me get back on topic.  Last night I did not get to do any poker because I got treated to dinner at a local bar.  The bar had $1 Pabst Blue Ribbon in a bottle, which totally kicked ass.  I had two, and I had a very minor headache this morning to remind me of that.  So, file last night under beer.

Today I have the same thing that kept me from the poker tables yesterday, so unless I get home and have the spare time, I won't be playing any poker hands until at least tomorrow afternoon's $1,000 freeroll.  Did I mention I won a seat?  Here's what a winner's pop up box looks like on FTP:

So, I am off to get ready for the last night of the local event, so if you got the time PLEASE do me a very small favor and click on a banner and browse around.  These nickels will eventually add up to a whole dollar one day in the far off future, and your clicks are greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a good one!

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